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Champawat is situated 1615 meters. above sea level. Champawat, once the capital of the rulers of the ChandCHAMPAWAT dynasty, is famous for its natural beauty and well known temples. The ancient fort, now houses headquarters of the Tehsil office. A historical spot, Champawat has many well known temples of high artistic value. The Baleshwar temple is the noted attraction of Champawat. The Nagnath temple at Champawat is also an excellent example of ancient architecture of Kumaon. 4 - 5 kms. from Champawat is the 'Ek Hathiya Ka Naula', which is said to have been constructed in just one night by the one handed artisan. The story of Golla Devta is also associated with Gorilla Chaur of Champawat. It was in Champawat that Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared as 'Kurma avatar' (incarnation as tortoise). This hill is also known as Mt. Kandev. There is a small fort at Champawat. Jim Corbett had come to this region in the first decade of the twentieth century in order to hunt for man eating tigers.Special Holidays with very attractive and discounted packages and hotel bookings.

Sites and temples:

Devidhura is famous for Bagwal Mela (fair)(stone fighting between two groups under religious customs) .Devidhura is a beautiful place and famous for Varashi temple.

The Bagwal Mila(fair) is held every year which is organised by the tample authorities on the Raksha Bandhan day.

Kranteshwar Mahadev
This temple dedicated to Kranteshwar Mahadev and it is situated on the top of a lofty hill. It is also called Kurmapad and Kandev.

Baleshwar Temple
champawat02Baleshwar is a cluster of temples which are dedicated to Baleshwar, Ratneshwar and Champawati Durga.
These temples are believed to be built by the early kings of the Chand dynasty beacuse the the intricate carvings still visible on the ceilings of these temples are an evidence of the Chand dynasty's ancient glory and artistic excellence.

Gwal Devta
Gwal Devta also also known as Goril or Goll, is considered to be the presiding deity of justicein this tample . It is believed that when approached, Gwal Devta dispenses justice to a helpless victim of injustice and cruelty. Indian Travel Agent offers Visit India and explore India.
Held in high esteem as a symbol of justice, a temple was constructed in his honour after his demise at Golchaurh in Champawat. The temples attracts innumerable pilgrims round the year.

Excursions from Champawat:
Abbot Mount
Abbot Mount is situated at a distance of 8 Kms. from Lohaghat.The scenic beauty og hills can be seen here and the place itself is famous for peaceful secluded holidays.It is 11 Kms from the heart of Champawat town

Situated at a distance of about 45 Kms from Lohaghat Devidhura is famous for its Varashi temple, where the traditional Bagwal fair is held every year on on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. which is organised by the tample authority in which stone throwing

Mayawati Ashram
Mayawati ashram is about 22 Kms. from Champawat and approxmatily 9 Kms. from Lohaghat.
The ashram is popular among the spiritualists from India and abroad.
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Tourist Attractions:
Vanasur-Ka-Kila is a fort located approximately 20 km away from Champawat, at an elevation of 1859 m from sea level. A legend about the fort goes that the assassination of Vanasur, a demon, took place here.

Ek Hathiya ka Naula
Approximately 5 km away from Champawat, Ek Hathiya ka Naula is a uniquely structured place. It is said to be constructed by one-handed artisan, overnight.

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