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Nainital (29° 24' N, 79° 28' E) is a town in the Indian state of Uttaranchal and headquarters of Nainital DistrictNAINITAL in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalaya. Situated at an altitude of 1938 m (6,350 ft) above sea-level, Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately 2 miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina (2615 m) on the north, Deopatha (2438 m) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2278 m) on the south. From the tops of the higher peaks, "magnificent views can be obtained of the vast plain to the south, or of the mass of tangled ridges lying north, bounded by the great snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas.All tour and Travel needs for India by Indian travel agent.

History Of Nanital
Legend says that Sati, the consort of Shiva consigned herself to the sacrificial fire when her father Daksha slighted her lord. In grief, Shiva danced the tandava with the lifeless body of Sati, until Vishnu cut it into bits scattering it all over the land. The spots where her body parts landed became shaktipeethas, revered by pilgrims even today. It is believed that Sati?s eyes, or naina landed at Nainital thus giving the place its name. In ancient times the lake was also know as the Tri-rishi Sarovar or the lake of the three saints, namely Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha. According to historical records, Nainital was discovered by a British sugar merchant named P. Barron. The merchant was so deeply enthralled by the lake settlement and its forested surrounding that he came back with a sailing boat and built a house named Pilgrim?s Cottage. Thus started the process of settling this once secluded mountain resort, with colonial villas and promenades coming up very rapidly. Soon, it became an important administrative town as well, with the summer capital of the United Provinces being set up here. In 1880, torrential rains resulted in a devastating landslide that destroyed several buildings including the Victoria Hotel at the north end of the lake near Mallital. 150 people were trapped under the debris and died. The area was later levelled out and became a popular meeting ground and sports arena. Known as The Flats it is now also used for parking vehicles in the peak tourist season.Indian travel agent gives special discounted hotel from budget hotels to Deluxe hotels in India.

Sites and Temples In Nainital:
The Naini Lake
NAINITAL2The name of the lake is derived from the Naina tample which is situated on the bank of this beautiful lake .It is said that the is made by the three great sages; Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha .The Naini Lake is also mentioned in the Skanda Purana as the Tririshi Sarovar.The lake is a famous for it's cool and green water.Although the lake is no longer as clean as it use to be but still it attaracts lakhs of tourist in every season.

Kilbury is a perfect place and picnic spot for solitude and relexation with a Forest House,It is 10 km from Nanital .The trail continue along the China peak range to binayak and Kunjkharak through the thick forest of oak and deodar
Land?s End
land's end is about 5 Kms from th heart of Nainital,at an altitude of 2118 mts abive the sea level. high, land's end offers a charming view of the lake Khurpa Tal and the surrounding hill This pplace is accessible either by the horse or on foot.

Ayarpatta Hill
Surrounded by the dense forest oak, fir, deodar, pine and rhododendron "Ayarpatta" is a one of the most loving place in nainiatl .This place is still in a very natural look and gives a seren look.Some of the roads to Ayarpatta are narrow and still paved with stones.Gurney House,which was the home of the great Jim Corbett, the legendry,couragious and famous hunter, conservationist and writer is still there to remind us the lagendry man

Snow View
Snow View is a scenic spot which offers a magneficient and picturesque view of 250 Kms. of the great legendry Himalayan mountain ranges.
Snow View is a popular vantage point in Nainital,it is accessible by a ropeway or by horse or on foot.
The Grand Raj Bhawan Of Nainital Naina Peak
Naina peak is the heighest peak in Nainital with an altitude of approxmaitly 2610 mts from the sea level.This place is favourete among the trekkers and mountaineers for it's treks which is 5.5 Kms. from Nainital.
The panaromic view of the magestic Himalayan mountain range is seen so beautiful from here that those who don't know trekking come to this place on hourse

State Observatory
State Observatory is situated at an altitude of 1950 mts.above the sea level.It is 4.4 Kms. away from Nainital.
The state Observatory is open for general public in the seasion time but prior permission to visit this place is must.

Naina Devi tample
This tample is situated on the bank of the famous lake and is is dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi.It is saod that Sati's left eye droped here during the Lord Shiva's strode of earth at the death of Sati.Since than it is called Naina(means Eye )Devi tample.
The name Nainital is also derived from this tample.

Corbett Waterfall
The Corbett waterfall is situated inside the famous Corbett National Park at a distance of 36 Kms. from Nainital, on the Kaladhungi-Ramnagar motorable road .This natural water fall is surrounded by forest and provides a natural looks .This place is also famous as a picnic or camping sites among the school and college students.The entry fee for this fall is very nominal but the view is splendid.

Haldwani gatway to the himalayas is one of the biggest business center of Uttaranchal . In ancient period, Haldwani was known as Halduvani. the name was derived after the tree name "Haldu" which were found in abundance here. In 1815, after the Britishers defeated Gorkhas, Gardner was appointed as the Commissioner of Kumaon. Later on Gerorge William Trail took over as Commissioner. In 1834 Trail renamed Halduvani as Haldwani. Indian packages with Indian Travel Agent.

The place near Haldwani Gaura Padav is named so because the Britishers were the first to settle at this place. In 1856, Henry Raemjay took over as Commissior of Kumaon. He connected Nainital with Kathgodam by Road in 1882. In 1883-84, Railway
line between Bareilly and Kathgodam was laid down. On 24 April 1884, train arrived at Haldwani from

Situated at a cool, comfortable 1371 mts above sea-level, Bhimtal is the largest lake of the Kumaon hills. Bhimtal retains its pristine glory with its crystal clear waters and quaint hills surrounding it on all sides.
According to legend, Bhimtal came into existence when the mighty Bhim of the Pandavas dug the earth to get water for quenching their thirst during their vanvas. A lake got formed at the place where he dug the earth. The place, where he put his vessel, became the small island in the middle. the island is being developed as a fish aquarium.

Naukuchiyatal is located 26 kms from Nainital. This famous nine cornered lake is considered auspicious because the Pandavas are supposed to have bathed here. Legend dictates that anyone who spots all the nine corners of the lake at one go becomes a millionaire.
The lake is in a picturesque location. A haven for birdwatchers, nature lovers and the regular tourist, it provides an ideal setting for outdoor activities.Indian Travel Agent offers Visit India and explore India.

Mukteshwar is a hill station in nainital district Uttarakhand with its own unique charm and Himalayan view. It is famous for the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteshwar Reserve Forest and the Mukteshwar Temple.

Places of Interest :
Mukteshwar Temple :The Mukteshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated at an altitude of 2,315 m above sea level and is accessible by stone stairs. It has a marvelloous Shivlinga all in white marble. The idols of other God and Goddess Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, Ganesh, Nandi and Hanuman surround the Shivlinga.

Chauti Jaali: Near to Mukteshwar temple is Chauti Jaali, a natural latticework on the rock. There is a belief that women who cannot conceive are blessed with a child after touching this jaali.
Methodist Church: The Church lies on the narrow path that has been cut in rock and polished over the years by the people who walk over this place to visit the church. The church is homely keeping in line with the old colonial structures around the city. Indian Travel agent provides hotel bookings, hotel booking in India.

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