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Ratlam pronunciation known historically as Ratnapuri, is a city in the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh state ofRatlam central India. The town of Ratlam lies 1577 feet above sea level. It is the administrative headquarters of Ratlam District.

Early history
Discovery of a few Stone Age tools, picked from three villages of Ratlam, proves the existence of the primitive man in the District. Among these, two microlithic sites were found in Jaora[1]. In Ancient times Ratlam was included in Avanti region, known as Malwa from the 7th-8th century onwards.
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Ratlam is also a major railway junction on the western railway lines.It was famous for its Diamond crossing. Ratlam was a princely state in British India, part of Malwa agency of Central India. For long period the Ratlam region was under the rules of the Rathor's.Explore Incredible India with Special Holidays. The rules were Suryavanshi Rathors to which Maharaja of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Kishangarh belonged.The first Ruler was the Maharaja Ratan Singh,he married 12 wives (amongst others), Maharani Sukhroopde Kanwar Shekhawat Ji Sahiba, daughter of Kunwar Purshottam Das of Jhajhar (Shekhawati) in Rajasthan. She committed sati in 1658. The state had an area of 902 sq. mi., which was closely interlaced with the territory of the princely state of Sailana. In 1901, the state had a population of 83,773; the town of Ratlam had a population of 36,321. The state enjoyed an estimated revenue, Rs.34,000 and paid a tribute of Rs.2,850. The town was a junction on the Rajputana-Malwa Railway, and was an important trade centre, especially of opium.

Ratlam was initially held by its chiefs in vassalage to the Sindhia rulers of Gwalior, but in 1819, an arrangement was made by which the Sindhia engaged never to send any troops into the country or to interfere with the internal administration, and in 1861 the tribute was assigned to the British government in part payment of the Gwalior contingent.

Specialities of Ratlam
Ratlam is known for its spicy snacks (known as Namkeen) that are made from besan, clove, and red chillis; specially Ratlami Sev. The most common meal at Ratlam is Daal Baati/Daal - Bafla, with laddu and ghee. A famous Indian style restaurent at dhaan mandi ..Tiwari daal baati centre.. is known for its Daal Baati with extra ghee and green chutney.. Ratlami Sev from Gelada is celebrated as the best Sev both nationally as well as internationally!

The common breakfast is tea with jalebi, poha, samosa, Kachori and Ratlami sev.
Ratlam is also famous for its gold jewellery. People from various parts of the country come to Ratlam for buying gold and gold jewellery. A major supply of gold coming into Ratlam has been attributed to the large number of non-resident Indians who work in the Arabian gulf and periodically visit their hometown.
Looking to the strategic location of Ratlam due to its proximity to Gujarat & Rajasthan with itself in Madhya Pradesh, and being a prominent rail junction, this town is considered an important conduit for illegal opium grown in the neighbouring districts of Mandsaur and Neemuch. here is also available big trible population Bajana tehsil. There is a Temple of Maa Kalka. In fastival Naveratri Ganesh Utsav celebrated here every year.

Ratlam is a major junction and rail division on Indian Railways on meter and broad gauge lines. It comes under Western Railways zone of Indian Railways.Indian Travel Agent offers Visit India and explore India.

There are Four major Railway Tracks passes along Ratlam City, these are along Mumbai, Delhi, Ajmer and Khandwa, among which the railway track along Khandwa is a Meter Gauge track.We provide travel & tours in India.

Famous trains of Ratlam are Rajdhani Express,Sampark kranti Express, August Kranti Express, Golden Temple Mail, Paschim Express, Ajmer-Bandra Express, Swaraj Express, Rajkot Express, Okha-Varanasi Express, Sabarmati Express, Dehradun Express,Ratlam-Bhopal Intercity Express, Ratlam-Ajmer Express,Azimabad Express AVANTIKA EXPRESS, etc.

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