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Rudraprayag is named after the Lord Shiva (Rudra),The entire region of Rudraprayag is blessed withRUDRAPRAYAG immense natural beauty, lakes & glaciers , important Hindu temples such as Kedarnath, Shankaracharya Samadhi , Gaurikund ,Son Prayag , Panch Kedar ,Madmaheshwar,Tungnath,
Koteshwar , Guptkashi etc.

This small town , Rudraprayag , is situated at the holy confluence of river Alaknanda and river Mandakini , at a distance of 34 kms. From Srinagar (Garhwal). All tour and Travel needs for India by Indian travel agent.The presence of two separate routes for Badrinath and Kedarnath Dham from Rudraprayag render great importance to the place. There are more than 200 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in district itself, the most important one is Kedarnath.

Sites and Temples In Rudraprayag
Kedarnath is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva is also called Kadar that's why this tample is called Kadarnath.TheKedarnath Temple has an imposing impressive sight, standing in the middle of a wide plateau surrounded by white snow covered mountains. The present temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th centuary A.D. The tample stands adjacent to the site of an earlier temple which is belived to be built by the great Pandavas.

Madmaheshwar Tample
The temple of Madmaheshwar is one of Panch Kedars The rigid journey to this place involves many sacred places and one see the unparell beauty of nature .The journey is truely very adventurous .The treck starts from Guptkashi to Kalimathand than from Kalimath to Madmaheshwar.Incredible India Tours with Indian Travel agent.

Son Prayag
RUDRAPRAYAG01Son Prayag is situated at the confluence of river Basuki and Mandakani. This holy place,Son Prayag,has a great importance in religious people. It is believed that a mere touch of the holy water of Son Prayag helps one to attain the Baikunth Dham or Nirvana

Shankaracharya Samadhi

Shankaracharya Samadhi is in Rudraprayag District.It is located just behind the holiest tample of Hindu's Kedarnath .It is believed that after setting up the four Dhams in India, Adi Guru Shankaracharya went into his samadhi at an early age of 32 years.

Panch Kedar
The five tample of Lord Shive are called Panch Kadar and these temples are Kedarnath, Kalpnath,Tungnath, Madmaheshwar and Rudranath which form the Panch Kedar.

Guptkashi is situated at an altitude of 1319 mts above the sea level.Guptkashi has a great singnifance in devootee .It is as revered as Kashi because the two streams of the Ganga and the Yamuna are believed to meet. The ancient temple of Vishwanath ,Ardhnareshwar and Manikarnik Kund are the main places of attraction in Guptkashi.Indian Travel agent provides hotel bookings, hotel booking in India.

Koteshwar Temple
Koteshwar Temple is situated on the holy bank of river Alaknanda at a distance of 3 kms. from the heart of Rudraprayag. The Koteshwar temple is in the form of a cave temple. A great fair is held here in months of August and September and thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva come here to worship him.
Excursions Around Rudraprayag

Famous for the hot water sprigs and it's miraclous healing power this hamlet is also serves as the trekking base to Kedarnath.All tour and Travel needs for India by Indian travel agent.

Tri-Jugi Narayan
It is said that this place has witnessed the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati .Their marriage was solemnised in front of the Shiva Temple where an eternal flame has been lightning since their wedding.

The holy place Son-Prayag is situated at the confluence of river "Basuki" and "Mandakani" .The height of this place is 1,829 Mts. above the sea level and it is situated on the way Kedarnath .

Son Prayag has immense religious significance among the Hindu and it is said that a dip in the holy water of Son Prayag helps devotees to attain the Baikunth Dham.

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